Celebrate Songkran in Thailand!
All the fun of the water festival!

Songkran is nearly here!

Woohoo! Some people do get a bit excited about Songkran, all that water throwing and wet t-shirts, a chance to party, throw water at people who would normally kill you for it, but can't do anything because it's Songkran!

I live in Phuket, which does not go as crazy as some other places for Songkran. We just have one day, April 13th, for water fights, then back to normal, except the 13th - 15th are public holidays, so all banks, government offices etc.. are closed.

IMPORTANT... Everyone travels around Songkran, and since Easter Sunday is the 12th you have double holiday trouble. If you are coming to Thailand in the next few days and do not have hotels booked - BOOK A HOTEL!

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Enjoy Songkran!



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